Thursday, 28 March 2013

How To Get 1000 visitors daily

Now a day’s almost everyone knows about search engine Optimization and its techniques and have enough knowledge to get high rank in search engine. Everyone has its own methodology; but every site has its own way to get high rank. Some time your site is in search but you need to increase daily visitors, I think that’s the most difficult part which I faced. 

I am little scared about getting 1000 visitors daily. For every business not just rank is enough but need to get more visitors, in order to promote your products. In social Media few techniques that are used to delivered more traffic. 

1: Face book and Twitter:  

 Personally I like face book, not just for entertainment purpose but also large number of visitors I got daily. Simply create a business page for your products and start likes industry relevant pages and promotes your site. Same case is with twitter. Not just to create a page or account in these two but you will have to put you efforts and continuously share or tweet new products.

2: Reddit: 

 A site which Delivered more traffic in just simply submit your link. 


3: Tumbler: 
Tumbler is new in social media but I am surprised, how in short time that site is popular so much but that’s not my matter, I have to increase visitors for my SEO Services sites.

4: Delicious:

  Another site that bring you traffic having no limit.


5: Stumble-upon and Pinterest.

 These two social Media Websites not bring right customers but also increase website rank. Install stumble upon plug-in and starting Liking pages. Same case is with Pinterest.

6: Squidoo and Hubpages.

  For content writing squidoo and Hubpages give you more benefit than any other site (my Opinion). Simply write rich content there am sure you can attract customers as well as search Engine.

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